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I wrote this out last night, but forgot to post it and it sat in my drafts. 

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Sorry for no updates for a few days my peeps… Korea’s been hectic. I’ve arrived if y’all are wondering, and it’s my second night here. As much as it’s been my dream to be here, there’s still a lot that I feel like I need to do before I feel that I can full appreciate being here. I’ll rewind a bit though.

I woke up at 3:30 am on Tuesday to head to the airport, which wasn’t bad, I was able to function with it fine. Had about a 2 hour flight to San Francisco that I mostly spent reading a Kaisoo fanfic that Kevin told me read. Because I love the bitch, I got tricked into reading it. I got through 2 parts and finished the 3rd part on the 11 hour flight to Korea. I won’t mention the name of it just cause I won’t put you through that burden of reading it. Message me if you want to know it. Cries and pain all around. The flight was boring though. Tried my best to keep busy, but mostly slept and watched movies. Only so much you can do on a plane I guess.

Arrival was pretty chill. My lovely language partner so sooooo generous and came to pick my friends and me up. I LITERALLY LOVE HER TO DEATH. I’ll tell y’all why in a bit. But as of me and 3 friends are in a guest house in Hongdae. It’s quite cute. Comfortable. Nice location. The first night we just got some black bean noodles and sweet and sour chicken, which was delicious~~ possibly cause we were hungry as hell, but also just really good. ^^

Jegleg hit me hard when I went to bed at 10 at night and woke up at 2 am fully alert… Please let this pass. 

Today was stressful… Rode the subway for the first time and had to get a T-Money card. i don’t know why getting the card was so exciting for me but I was really happy when I got it! The subway system here is no joke though y’all. It’s crazy fast and efficient. Totally amazed by it still. Gonna enjoy riding it. We met up with my language partner again at the station who wanted to help us out with the realtor since it would be nice to have a Korean native with us. Really so sweet of her.<3

So we met up with a realtor who showed my friend and me three places we could possibly live. We totally feel in love with the first place. It’s very cute. It has space and balcony and was really clean~ We’re working on getting that one which I hope we can sign a contract by tomorrow. 

Setting up a bank account would’ve been easier if we didn’t have run around trying to figure out how to set one up.. We really should’ve just gone to Yonsei Univeristy first to set it up since we still don’t have our Alien Registration Cards, since only the university would set it up with just a passport and an ID. But we didn’t know that until my language part get a call there for us. We were able to set it up fine once we were at Yonsei, so we can call that an accomplishment for the day. And my language partner was here the entire time with us to help. I really can’t thank her enough. Totally gonna treat her to food and drinks soon. 

Couldn’t set up a phone plan today… but it wasn’t as urgent I guess. Sometime this week.

Came back home and took a giant gulp of soju to remedy the long and tiring day and it was sweetest I’ve ever tasted soju. I don’t know what that says about me when I’m stressed. :P My other friends we able to find a nice apartment a little farther than what I would like, but they like it and the price we really good. So i;m happy for them, but you know can’t help but be a little jelly that they already have a place. :P

Had some fried chicken and beer for dinner. We were all exhausted, so it was quiet, but it was so tasty!

It’s only about 10 pm, but I’m getting tsuper ired. Very worn out, physically and mentally right now. Getting things solidified before completely settling in and taking in everything is difficult. 

Tomorrow entails more money and bank inquiries, possible apartment contracts, and applying for an alien registration card. Gotta accomplish something tomorrow I feel like it’ll just be a waste. Sighs. Wish me luck, loves.

Y’all should let me know if y’all are interested in seeing my random Korea snapchats, they aren’t that interesting, but it’s nice to share, no?

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Jay Park - 약속해 (The Promise)

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By this time tomorrow, I’ll be Korea. And yet, I still can’t process that. 

In the back of my mind, I still have worries of leaving things behind… forgetting things… money… should I get more money than I have? Ugh.

We have some apartment viewing/hunting the day after we get there so that’s exciting but nerve racking. Gotta have money for that and ugh… Grants don’t come in to end of September… gonna be struggling for a few weeks. Com’on Michael, you grew up cheap, you can do this.  

My friend and I talked about how the excitement is kind of the the calm before the storm. I don’t know what it’ll be like or how I’ll feel when I get there. 

Shit, my Korean sucks. How will I survive? I only know so much already… really should’ve practiced with more Koreans this summer… My listening is horrible. It’ll be a miracle if I understand half of what’s said. 

I guess it good that I’m worried on some level. If not, I’d probably be worried as to why I wasn’t worried…

Well I should sleep soon. Or try to at least. Goodnight world.

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"You can tell a lot about a person from what they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod and list the first 10 songs then tag 10 people"

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  1. My Copycat - Orange Caramel
  2. I Don’t Care (BK 2009 Remix) - 2NE1
  3. Stay - MBLAQ
  4. By Myself - Tiffany (Girls’ Generation)
  5. Action - BoA
  6. BONAMANA - Super Junior
  7. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Park Jae Hyung
  8. My My - APink
  9. Fuckin’ Perfect - P!nk
  10. Come Back Home - 2NE1

Tagging… Whoever wants to do it. Everyone who hasn’t! 

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Rocket (Beyonce cover)-G

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Saturday night IN Korea  

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旅立ちの空 by Rella // Odaiba Day ‘14