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21 days. Am I ready? Absolutely not.

I feel like the stress is starting to get to me. Already less than a month before i leave and I feel like I’m completely unprepared. I’m not academically prepared, since I know I should really reviewing my Korean, but I haven’t at all. Since summer started, I know my Korean skills have been declining. I’m not prepared for a placement test nor am I prepared to use Korean in Korea in general.

I have to register for classes next week too… while I’m on vacation in Vegas… Just splendid timing. I have my classes figured out though, which is a miracle. If I get the classes I want, then it’s just one less thing to worry about.

Once I get to Korea, I’m meeting with a realtor to help me find an apartment. Obviously that’s also pretty financially straining. It makes me wonder if I should’ve taken an offer to for a shared house a few weeks back just to have a secured place to live before I got there. The only probably was the location for me… I wanted to be closer to the school. But for all I knew, the location probably wasn’t that far to begin with. Oh the indecisiveness.

I still have a bunch of things here to wrap up too. I have to move out of my apartment. And because I’m the last of my roommates to leave, I have to make sure the place is spotless. I have a lot of leftover things from my roommates too, so I’ll have to sort through that to either hang on to or throw things out. I’m such a pack rat, so we’ll see how that goes. But moving and packing stresses me out in general, y’all who have followed me for awhile would probably know my struggles at that.

Mentally? I still don’t think I’ve grasped the concept of me going to a foreign country for a year yet. It’s still a distant dream to me. I would’ve never thought that I could actually get to go and live in Korea. Sounds just crazy to me.

Emotionally kind of worried too. Well one, my parents won’t be sending me off to Korea, since they’re on vacation in Vietnam to visit my grandmother who’s super ill. Which I’m fine that they had to go back and visit, just kind of sad that I really won’t get to see them for a year without a proper send off. I’m of course going to miss my friends too. During my orientation going abroad, they warned us of how other people’s lives are going to go one while you’re away. That made obvious sense at the time, but now it’s kind of more profound in the fact that I’m going to miss so many events and opportunities with my friends. I guess that’s the trade off, while i make new memories on my own, I’ll miss out on memories with my family and friends.

21 days. Am I excited? Scared? Stressed? Absolutely.

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"Come lay with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something."

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Is it just me that finds winking at people really creepy? Like through texts a “;)” or a picture of a person winking is totally fine and cute and all, but in real life it gives me a super weird vibe. Might be the fact that the winks are being directed at someone… Might just be the people who have been winking at me… Maybe I haven’t learned to appreciate them? So far, I don’t understand winks in real life. :P

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